About Me

Michael J. Lago

Founded in 2023 by Michael Lago in the heart of Central New Jersey, ML Creative is at the forefront of transformative storytelling. Michael's vision brought to life a company that specializes in turning company stories into captivating visual experiences through expert videography and photography. At ML Creative, we are dedicated to crafting narratives that resonate deeply, bringing the unique essence of each brand to life across various industries.

Our mission is to transform your company story into irresistible visuals, capturing the heart and soul of your brand. We strive to make every narrative as engaging and impactful as possible, with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence. Our vision is to set the industry benchmark, becoming a leading force in visual storytelling, turning concepts into visual masterpieces that captivate and inspire on a global scale.

ML Creative stands firm on its core values. Our passion for creativity fuels our drive to explore and push the boundaries in every project, ensuring a blend of innovation and precision in our work. Authenticity is central to our storytelling, as we aim to capture the true spirit of each brand, creating narratives that genuinely connect with audiences. Collaboration and partnership are pivotal, fostering strong relationships with our clients to produce memorable and impactful visual experiences. We are committed to continuous innovation and growth, embracing new ideas and techniques to enhance our storytelling and leave a lasting mark in the creative industry.

Michael Lago, the founder of ML Creative, combines a rich blend of artistic vision and entrepreneurial acumen. With extensive experience in both the creative and business realms, Michael has not only worked with prestigious organizations like the New York Jets, Rutgers Football, and The Ivy League but also created content that has amassed millions of views. His prowess in managing accounts with over 600k+ followers showcases his ability to engage and captivate large audiences effectively. This diverse background and proven track record in viral content creation have equipped him with a unique perspective on storytelling across various industries. Leading ML Creative with a focus on narrative depth and visual innovation, Michael’s leadership and direction have propelled the company to the forefront of creative content, renowned for its innovative approach and steadfast commitment to quality and excellence.


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